Port of Ostermoor
Review and History

The Port of Ostermoor is located near the Brunsbuttel canal locks on the Kiel Canal. Serving Hamburg-based industries, it was built in 1975. It contains six berths for oil, gas, and chemical cargoes. Vessels of up to 3000 gross registered tons and 1.5 meters draught can berth at the Port of Ostermoor.

The Port of Ostermoor belongs to the Hafengesellschaft Brunsbuttel, but industries operate the infrastructure that serves their cargoes. Cargoes include ammonia, crude oil, urca, and other liquid cargoes.

Located at kilometer 5.65 on the Nord-Ostee-Kanal, the port is operated by the Hafengesselschaft Brunsbuttel mbH Elbehafen. Its cargo operator is Yara Brunsbuttel GmbH. The port of Ostermoor serves vessels of from 32.5 meters breadth with draft of eight meters to 27.0 meters breadth with draft of 10.4 meters.

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