Port of Xiamen
Review and History

The Port of Xiamen is located in southeast China’s Fujian Province on the coast of Xiamen Island on an inlet of the Taiwan Straight. The Port of Xiamen has an excellent natural harbor protected by offshore islands. Known by many as the “Garden on the Sea,” the area has a warm humid subtropical climate. Recently, the Port of Xiamen was recognized as the People’s Republic of China’s second most livable city. In 2007, the metropolitan area was home to more than 2.5 million people.

Many overseas Chinese call Xiamen their ancestral home, and the Port of Xiamen is one of the country’s first Special Economic Zones. Tourists will find many attractions in Xiamen, a city in a region of beautiful scenery and tree-lined beaches. It houses a national treasure from the Tang Dynasty, the Buddhist Nanputuo Temple. Since the 1980s, the Port of Xiamen has been open to foreign investment, which has created jobs, industries, and export opportunities for many companies. The city’s major economic activities include ship-building, tanning, textiles, chemical industries, manufacturing of machine tools, telecommunications, financial services, and fishing.

Port History

In 282 AD during the Jin Dynasty, the Port of Xiamen was part of the Jin’an Prefecture. During the Song Dynasty from the 10th to 13th Centuries, it became an international seaport. The Ming Dynasty used it as a base for fighting pirates in 1387. Renamed many times over the centuries, it was called Siming (“Remember the Ming”) in 1912. Later reverting to Xiamen City, it became a municipality in 1949 and was made a Special Economic Zone in 1980.

Europeans first entered the port in 1541. The local Hokkien Amoy dialect shaped how many Chinese was translated (kio-chap is ketchup, pe’h-ho is Pekoe, Ji’t-pun is Japan). The 1842 Treaty of Nanjing ending the First Opium War made the Port of Xiamen one of five treat ports open to British trade, bringing Protestant missions to China among other things.

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