Port of Huadu
Review and History

The Port of Huadu is about 100 miles inland from Hong Kong in China. It is the Huadu District in the city of Guangzhou City (previously known as Canton), located in the Pearl River Delta. The Port of Huadu is open all year. Huadu is by mountains on three sides. Huadu is about a half-hour from Guangzhou's center city and near the beautiful new Guangzhou International Airport.

Huadu is one of ten districts in Guanghzou City, and it over 700 people live there. In 2001, the Port of Huadu's government established the "Huadu International Jewelry Center" to develop a base for jewelry manufacturing and processing. Over 60 jewelry companies from Poland, Turkey, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have invested in the jewelry center.

Port History

From 206 to 221 BC, the District that is home to today's Port of Huadu was called Hua County, and it was ruled by the Han Dynasty. During the Sui Dynasty from 581 to 617 AD, the Port of Huadu District was in Nanhai County. The Song Dynasty ruled from 420 to 479 AD.

In order to solidify domination of the Qing Dynasty over the area surrounding the Port of Huadu, a new county called Hua County was established by consolidating the counties of Nanhai and Fanyu in 1686 AD.

When the People's Republic of China was established, the Port of Huadu and Hua County came under the successive jurisdictions of the Jinang Bei Special Area, the Pearl River Special Area, the North Guangdong Administrative Area, and the Foshan Special Area.

In 1960, the Port of Huadu was put under the jurisdiction of the newly-formed Guangzhou county.

In 1993, Guangzhou county was abolished, and the Port of Huadu and Hua County formed a city and were renamed Huadu and consigned to the provincial Guangzhou administration.

In 2000, Port of Huadu and Huadu City were reformed into a district, becoming the Huadu District of Guangzhou City.

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