Port of Jebel Ali
Review and History

Port Jebel Ali is 35 kilometers southwest of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2008, The Dubai Port Authority (DPA) announced that all cargo operations would be moved from Port Rashid to Port Jebel Ali. Port Rashid will then become a cruise terminal and mixed-use urban waterfront area to house 200,000 people.

Zabeel Park<br>Dubai

Zabeel Park

Photo by Ranjit Laxman

Please refer to the World Port Source entry for Port Rashid for information about the history and tourist attractions of the city of Dubai.

Port History

Port Jebel Ali was constructed in the late 1970s to supplement the facilities at Port Rashid in Dubai. The village of Jebel Ali was constructed for port workers, and it has a population of 300 people.

Jebel Ali Port

Jebel Ali Port

Taken on 18 October 2007.
Photo by Imre Solt

Covering over 134 square kilometers (52 square miles), Port Jebel Ali is the biggest man-made harbor in the world and the biggest Middle East port. It is home to over five thousand companies from 120 countries of the world. Its deep harbor and large facilities have made it the US Navy’s most-visited port. The harbor and facilities will accommodate Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and battleships. US service personnel frequently take liberty there and have come to call it “The Sandbox.”

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