Port of Hamriyah
Review and History

The Port of Hamriyah lies on the northeastern shores of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) about 15 kilometers from downtown Sharjah. The Port of Hamriyah was initially built to handle exports of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) produced at the Sajja Gas Field in the Emirate of Sarjah. It is also a free trade zone where foreign ownership is allowed and there is no income or corporate tax or restrictions on trade. The Port of Hamriyah is one of Sharjah’s three ports that make up the free trade zone. The nearby city of Sarjah (also called Ash-Sh?riqah) has long been one of the richest cities in the region. About 15 kilometers northeast of Dubai, it’s the third most populous city in the UAE.

Deira Skyline<br>Dubai

Deira Skyline

Deira Skyline, photographed from an abra in Dubai Creek on 31 May 2007.
Photo by Imre Solt

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