Port of San Nicolas
Review and History

The Port of San Nicolas is Aruba’s second biggest city. A favorite spot for scuba divers, the city’s economic history is closely linked to the development of the oil refinery. Located on the southeastern shores of the island, this deepwater port serves the oil refinery and has facilities for handling cargo and bunkering fuel. In 2000, almost 16 thousand people called the Port of San Nicolas home.

For many years, scuba divers have called Charlie’s Bar a home away from home. This famous bar has become a kind of museum since it began in the 1940s, as scuba divers have been hanging their underwater treasures on its walls.

The Valero Marine Terminal, serving the refinery near the Port of San Nicolas, is the only operator of the port. Channels are dredged, and incoming vessels should check with the pilot to verify current depths before entering.

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