Port of Philadelphia
Local Views
Type of Local View   Name of Port Feature
Aircraft Carrier   Docked at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center
USS America has been disposed of in a classified Ship Sinking Exercise
Cargo Terminal   Penn Terminals, Inc.
Cargo Terminal   Piers 38 & 40
Operated by Penn Warehousing & Distribution Inc.
Cargo Terminal   Piers 78 & 80
Operated by Penn Warehousing & Distribution Inc.
Cargo Terminal   Tioga Marine Terminal
Operated by Delaware River Stevedores Inc.
Container Terminal   Packer Avenue Marine Terminal
Operated by Greenwich Terminals, LLC
Cruise Ship Terminal   Philadelphia Cruise Terminal
Dry Bulk Terminal   Pier 122 - closed
Was operated by Delaware River Stevedores for iron ore, aggregates and fertilizer
Historic Ship   Moshulu
Historic Ship   SS United States
Historic Ship   Submarine Becuna
The Becuna is docked between the Olympia and shore
Historic Ship   USS Olympia
Naval Shipyard   Philadelphia Naval Business Center
Oil or Liquid Bulk Terminal   ConocoPhillips Trainer Refinery
Oil or Liquid Bulk Terminal   Sunoco Marcus Hook Facility
Manufactures a full range of polypropylene products
Oil or Liquid Bulk Terminal   Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery
Produces gasoline, aviation fuel, kerosene, heating oil, residual fuel, propane and butane
Power Plant   Exelon
Eddystone Generating Station
Shipyard   Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
US Coast Guard   US Coast Guard
Sector Delaware Bay

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