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Downtown Port of Shelton is proud of its historic "timber baron" neighborhood that runs along a small creek that winds through the middle of town. There are several World War I era stone and brick buildings in downtown that survived a devastating fire. During spawning season, migrating salmon can be observed moving through the mid-town creek. Every June, the Port of Shelton has the Forest Festival & Parade to celebrate its logging heritage.

The Port of Shelton has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and chilly rainy winters. Temperatures in the Port of Shelton range from an average high of 25°C (77°F) in July and August to an average low of 0.4°C (33°F) in December and January. Precipitation ranges from a low of 2.5 centimeters (.99 inches) in July to a high of about 27 centimeters (almost 11 inches) in November and December. Snow comes to the Port of Shelton from mid-October through mid-April, peaking in January at about 17 centimeters (6.8 inches). Humidity levels in the Port of Shelton are high, slightly above 90% most of the year and peaking at about 94% in October and November.

The Mason County Historical Museum in the Port of Shelton contains a broad collection of artifacts, photographs, and historical documents related to the county's early pioneer days of logging, shellfishing, and farming. Located in heart of the Port of Shelton's downtown, the museum sponsors walking tours and sells mementos that include historical books and calendars that depict early life on Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the old-growth forests that surrounded the Port of Shelton. The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday from 11am until 5pm and on Saturday from 11am until 4pm.

The Mason County Forest Festival & Parade is an annual four-day event that is popular with Port of Shelton residents and visitors alike. Booths are manned by profit and non-profit organization, and events are planned throughout the festival. The Paradise Amusement Carnival runs all four days of the festival. During the weekend, participants enjoy attending the Loop Field and Car Show and the Logging Show, making the Goldsborough Creek Fun Run or the Tour de Mason Lake Bike Ride, and joining in the Family & Pets and Paul Bunyan Parades. Other fun events include the Family Fun Night, the Saturday fireworks, and the Port of Shelton Car Show-Off.

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