Port of Peninsula
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The Port of Peninsula and Ocean Park are just north of the border with Oregon, a short drive from Portland (2-1/2 hours) and Seattle (3-1/2 hours).

The Port of Peninsula has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and chilly wet winters. Temperatures in the Port of Peninsula range from an average high of 15°C (60°F) in July and August to an average low of 4° (40°F) in December and January. The Port of Peninsula's dry summers see three centimeters (just above an inch) of precipitation in July, but its winters are wet from November through January with almost 35 centimeters (14 inches). Located on Washington's Pacific Coast, the Port of Peninsula experiences high humidity levels of 90% and above all year. Snow comes to the Port of Peninsula from October through April, peaking at centimeters (five inches) in January.

The Willapa Bay Oyster House and Interpretive Center at the Port of Peninsula's breakwater is a replica of the homes of Oystermen and their families that educates the public about Washington State's 145-year-old industry on its southernmost bay. From Memorial Day through the end of September, the Willapa Bay Oyster House is open from 10am until 3pm from Friday through Sunday. Visitors learn about life on the pilings through the replica of the home with walls displaying quotes, an industry chronology, photographs, and a large mural of the bay. The artifacts in the Oyster House include a 1920s-era double-ended Shoalwater Bay Dinghy and various tools of the trade. The Center also features a 7-minute video discussing the industry and the Willapa Bay ecology. A stairway from this Port of Peninsula attraction offers access to the bay.

Located about ten kilometers (six miles) north of the Port of Peninsula on Long Beach Peninsula, Leadbetter Point State Park is a wildlife refuge where some 100 species of birds stop over each year, particularly in April and May when the mud flats and marshes are a magnet for migrating shorebirds. The park also has many hiking trails. The park is open from April through mid-October from 6:30am until dusk and the rest of the year from 8am until dusk.

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