Port of Olympia
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The City of Olympia is Washington State's capital and home to the Evergreen State College, one of Washington's six four-year colleges. It enjoys diverse economy and culture, and its arts and music community is more active than most towns its size. Some call it a "breeding ground" for alternative culture in the Pacific Northwest.

The Port of Olympia's downtown is a designated National Historic District, and it lies in the heart of a gloriously beautiful natural area. The Olympic Mountains to the northwest are complemented by Budd Bay of Puget Sound to the southwest and Mount Rainier to the southeast.

The Port of Olympia has a Marine West Coast climate with cold moist air, cold rain, clouds, and fog. The rainiest months are November and December, and flooding is common from November through February. One study reported that the Port of Olympia had more rainy days per year over the last 30 years than any other city in the contiguous United States. Temperatures range from an average high of 25 °C (77 °F) in July and August to an average low of 0 °C (32 °F) in January and February.

Visitors to the Port of Olympia love walking the mile-long waterfront Percival Landing boardwalk. Along the way, they find the Salmon Run art exhibit at The Olympia Center with sculptures and works by local artists. Percival Landing Park, its name inherited from the old commercial steamship wharf, contains public art, picnic and open areas, overnight boat moorage, restrooms, showers, and a playground. One of three waterfront parks in the Port of Olympia, the 1.4-kilometer boardwalk runs along the eastern shore of West Bay.

The Port of Olympia's Bigelow House Museum was built in the 1850s for Daniel R. Bigelow, a pioneer lawyer and territorial legislator, and his wife, school teacher Ann Elizabeth White Bigelow. Early community leaders, they made their home in this Carpenter Gothic style home on a one-acre plot of land. The museum contains artifacts, furnishings, and original documents describing the Bigelow family's 150 years of participation in local and national causes and issues.

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