Port of Keyport
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Since it is not incorporated, the Port of Keyport is governed by the Keyport Improvement Club rather than a mayor or city council. The members of the Club are volunteers who work on community events and projects. The Port of Keyport offers some of the best bird-watching in the region. It is also home to the 60-year old Whiskey Creek Steakhouse.

The Port of Keyport has a cool-summer Mediterranean with warm summers and cold rainy winters. Average temperatures range from a high of 24°C (75°F) in July to a low of 1°C (34°F) in January. The Port of Keyport gets about 125 centimeters (49.1 inches) of rain each year and about 18.7 centimeters (7.4 inches) of snow.

The Port of Keyport is home to the Naval Undersea Museum, one of 12 official US Navy museums operated by the Naval History & Heritage Command. The museum educates visitors about the marine environment and US Navy topics. The Ocean Environment exhibit presents information on the wide diversity of the sea. Hands-on activities teach visitors about the ocean's physical properties (buoyancy, density, salinity, light and sound, etc.). Visitors can see slides of sea creatures like diatoms and starfish through a microscope in the exhibit.

The Naval Undersea Museum in the Port of Keyport also has exhibits on technologies related to torpedoes, mine warfare, and submarines. The Torpedo Technology exhibit includes the 1890 Howell torpedo and a rare Whitehead torpedo. The Mine Warfare Technology exhibit describes the evolution of mine warfare from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, including a Confederate mine. It also has information about mines used during the two World Wars and modern naval operations. The exhibit on Submarine Technology covers submarines in World War II and a simulation of the control room for the Greenling, a nuclear fast-attack vessel. Visitors can explore periscopes, the ballast control panel, and ship control panel from the USS Greenling. The museum also exhibits Navy diving helmets and free-diving equipment, including a Women Divers section that highlights the US Navy's first female divers.

The Port of Keyport's Naval Undersea Museum also maintains outdoor exhibits that include portions of submarines and submersibles covering the USS Sturgeon fast-attack nuclear submarine, the Trieste II a deep-water submersible, the Deep Quest Navy research submersible, and a cap from one of the Navy's Sealab habitats.

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