Port of Brownsville
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Brownsville has an oceanic or maritime climate with warm summers and cool winters. Temperatures in the Port of Brownsville range from an average high of 18°C (65°F) in July and August to an average low of about 4°C (40°F) in December and January. Precipitation ranges from a high of over 23 centimeters (nine inches) in November and December to a low of 2 centimeters (less than one inch) in July and August. Humidity levels in the Port of Brownsville are fairly constant at over 90% throughout the year, peaking in September and October at about 94%. Snow comes to the Port of Brownsville from late October through mid-April, peaking in January at about 16 centimeters (6.5 inches).

The Port of Brownsville has two parks, one waterfront park and Burke Bay Overlook Park. Both parks have picnic tables and barbecues. Overlook Park has a fire pit and gazebo. Boaters arriving by beachable human- or wind-powered vessels can camp in the park, and use of Overlook Park is free for tenants and constituents of the Port of Brownsville.

The Port of Brownsville's over-the-water pavilion is available free of charge to port tenants and constituents. The pavilion is popular for cookouts by visiting yacht clubs and the public, and it has been used for neighborhood picnics and special public and private events. There is an area of the pavilion for relaxation and meditation.

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