Burlington Harbor
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Burlington Harbor offers a busy waterfront that is the community gathering place for cultural, social, economic, and recreational activities. The largest city in Vermont, Burlington Harbor is a dynamic cosmopolitan center known for its free-thinking spirit and ultra-liberal environment. A college town, Burlington Harbor is a commercial center with an intimate atmosphere.

Burlington Harbor has a humid continental climate with warm humid summers and cold winters. Located on the shore of Lake Champlain, Burlington Harbor has localized snow squalls from time to time. Temperatures in Burlington Harbor range from an average high of 27°C (81°F) in August to an average low of -12°C (10°F) in January. Humidity levels in Burlington Harbor range from about 72% in January, April, and May to about 86% in September. Rainfall is heaviest during the summer months, peaking at above 10 centimeters (four inches) in July and falling to a low of five centimeters (two inches) in January. Snow comes to Burlington Harbor from late October through April, with as much as 56 centimeters (22 inches) falling in January.

Burlington Harbor's Waterfront Park is a popular place with both residents and visitors. Its 274-meter (900-foot) boardwalk moves through fragrant flower beds and has swinging benches for those who want to stop to get great views of Burlington Harbor. Located in the middle of Burlington Harbor's 12-kilometer (7.5-mile) bike path, Waterfront Park is the site of many festivals and special events.

Burlington Harbor's The Bern Gallery features local grass-roots art including live glass-blowing demonstrations every day. The gallery is home to a smoke shop that makes custom glass, the only Hookah Bar in town, and a variety of local jewelry and art. Burlington Harbor's Bern Gallery is a Vermont-accredited glass-blowing school as well as a pipe-making competition, The Pipe Classic, that brings a dozen of the Nation's best glass artists to compete.

The Magic Hat Brewing Company in Burlington Harbor offers a tour where visitors can watch the brewing process and the making of 400 bottles of beer a minute. The Magic Hat Artifactory has a unique gift shop in a flashy factory that enchants visitors. Minutes from Burlington Harbor's commercial district, the Growler Bar has 48 taps with an ever-changing line-up of the company's best beers, including some seasonal and experimental brews.

Every June, the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival draws international artists to the city to celebrate jazz, gospel, blues, and Latin music in several venues throughout Burlington Harbor that include Waterfront Park, Contois Theatre, Waterfront Theatre, Memorial Auditorium, and The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. The two-week event offers waterfront concerts, intimate performances, street parties, meet-the-artist sessions, workshops, master classes, and cruises on Lake Champlain.

Burlington Harbor's Church Street Marketplace is an award-winning open air mall where four blocks of Church Street are closed to motor traffic. The Marketplace includes a wide selection of eateries, stores, and shops. Visitors enjoy year-round festivals, street entertainers, year-round festivals, and wonderful historic architecture.

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