Port of Newport News
Cruising and Travel

The City of Newport News offers many historic and natural delights for visitors. A visit to the city's tourism website will give a long list of places of interest and events.

The Port of Newport News enjoys four mild seasons that allow outdoor activities throughout the year. Summers are humid and hot, but the evenings are cooler. While rain is fairly constant through the year, spring and summer are a little more wet. Average snowfall is about 150 millimeters, although there are years when no snow falls. The Port of Newport News is also fortunately located between the major storm paths on the US' central east coast, so it manages to avoid tropical storms. Temperatures range from an average high of 31 ° C (87 ° F) in July to an average low of 2 ° C (35 ° F) in December and January.

Port Warwick is a new project in the Oyster Point area of the Port of Newport News. A mixed-use urban improvement project covering 150 acres, Port Warwick is a pedestrian-oriented community and the second biggest planned community in the Port of Newport News. Residents can walk from their homes to work, shopping, and restaurants or drive to city center offices and shopping. Nearby is Oyster Point City Center, which is similar to Port Warwick and in keeping with the new urbanism plans for the area.

The Port of Newport News houses the Mariners' Museum , established in 1930, that contains a library and ship model collections. Visitors will enjoy visiting the artifacts of seafaring life and exploring the 60+ square foot gallery.

The Virginia War Museum was established in 1923 by the American Legion, but the Port of Newport News city government undertook its administration in the 1950s. In 1987, the Virginia War Museum Foundation was created to win public support for the museum. Over the last 75 years, the museum has amassed a collection of over 60 thousand artifacts representing United States' military history. It also contains a gallery examining the factors leading Germany, Japan, and Italy to declare war on the US and a section of the wall from the Dachau concentration camp and the Berlin Wall.

The Port of Newport News also offers the Virginia Living Museum with exhibits covering the State's geographic regions, each exhibit telling a story of the wildlife and geological character of the region.

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