Port of Ogdensburg
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The Port of Ogdensburg has a humid continental climate with warm summers (that can be hot and humid) and cold winters (that are occasionally severely cold. Temperatures range from an average high of 21°C (70°F) in July and August to an average low of about -9°C (15°F) in January. Rainfall is heaviest in September (10 centimeters or four inches) and is lightest in February (five centimeters or two inches). Humidity levels reach almost 90% in September but are normally less than 80%. Snow comes to the Port of Ogdensburg from late October through early May with the heaviest snowfall in December and January when it reaches over 60 centimeters (24 inches), although it can be up to 25 centimeters (10 inches) as late as early April.

Each year for the 50 years in late July, the Port of Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival has been the biggest "family reunion" in the county. Events include a huge parade and fireworks show, special entertainment, a Battle of the Bands, amusement rides, a children's fishing derby, and the Zonta Antiques and Artisan Show.

The Port of Ogdensburg is proud to be home to the Frederic Remington Art Museum. Although Remington did not live in the Port of Ogdensburg, he did visit here often. The museum contains one of the world's most impresive collections of the artist's work. The museum contain notes, photographs, and sketchbooks as well as a comprehensive collection of paintings, drawings, and bronze sculptures. During the summer season from mid-May until mid-October, the museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10am until 5pm and on Sunday from 1pm until 5pm. From mid-October until mid-May, it is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am until 5pm and on Sunday from 1pm until 5pm. Located in a two-century old house, the museum tells the story of one of America's most exciting eras. The house is staffed by knowledgeable staff who can tell much about Remington's life, and it has a very good souvenir shop. More an art gallery than a museum, its location overlooking the river makes it a great place to visit.

The Port of Ogdensburg Harbor Light stands at the junction of the Oswegatchie and St. Lawrence Rivers. The original lighthouse began operating in 1834, and the current keepers' home and tower were built in 1870. Today, the Roethel family has lived there since 1964 and is restoring the property. The lighthouse windows are decorated with limestone sills and lentils. The Roethels have gotten authority to relight the tower light, which has been dark for 50 years. The re-lighting ceremony was held in October 2011, and the family continues to restore and upgrade the structures.

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