North Haven Harbor
Cruising and Travel

The permanent population of 355 in North Haven Harbor grows significantly during July and August when people return to their island homes. Proud of its traditions, North Haven Harbor is a place of great natural beauty.

North Haven Harbor has a humid continental climate marked by big temperature differences between seasons. Summers are warm, but can be hot. Winters are cold, sometimes severely so. Precipitation is heaviest during the winter, and snowfall can reach almost 20 inches in January. Summer rains normally come with thunderstorms, although there is an occasional tropical storm. Temperatures in North Haven Harbor range from an average high of about 25°C (78°F) in July and August to an average low of -6°C (20°F) in late January and early February.

North Haven Harbor is not the usual tourist destination. Summer visitors are usually those with vacation homes. There is an inn in North Haven Harbor, but do not expect a wide range of services, restaurants, or shops.

Those who love sailing can find charters at Penobscot Passage, located between North Haven Harbor and Vinalhaven Island. Captain Joel Rowland is a veteran licensed sailor, sailing instructor, and Wilderness First Responder. He will lead you on the Tammy Norie, a 12.8-meter (42-foot) wooden sloop, to explore Penobscot Bay and beyond. Offering a variety of choices for a minimum of two people and a maximum of six people, the two-hour Sunrise Coffee, Evening Sunset, and Mid-Night Star sails cost $45 per person. A half-day sail of four hours is $180, and a full-day sail of seven hours is $350.

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