Port Fourchon
Cruising and Travel

Fishers and hikers find that Port Fourchon offers some of the best fishing in the coastal marshes and makes a perfect location for bird watching. Port Fourchon is in the heart of Louisiana’s Central District that leads the State in seafood landings. Because it is so near Gulf of Mexico fishing areas, it offers world-class recreational fishing opportunities including crabbing along the beach, shoreline and surf fishing, or deep sea charter fishing. You can find more information on fishing opportunities at the Lafourche Charter Fishing website.

Port Fourchon offers a free public recreational boat launch with a pavilion and restrooms as well as road access to a three-mile long sand beach.

Louisiana’s Fourchon and Grand Isle support flocks of migratory birds. The Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program and the Grand Isle Sanctuary Group jointly sponsor a Migratory Bird Festival every year to celebrate the spring migration. It is said that birders can spot more bird species here in one visit during migrations than at any other North American spot.

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