Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville
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The City of Jeffersonville, Indiana, was a famous steamboat and cargo port throughout the 19th Century as well as the location for the manufacture of steamboats. The boat manufacturer, JeffBoat, still operates in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville. Today, the riverfront offers recreational and shopping opportunities to residents and visitors alike. The Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville offers many waterfront restaurants as well as dining opportunities in the historic commercial district.

The Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Seasonal temperature extremes are not unusual in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville, and there are occasional tornadoes. In the winter, there is occasional snow and ice, but more frequent rain and sleet. Summer can be hot, humid, and hazy with high temperatures and occasional droughts. At times, the Ohio River Valley traps air pollution, especially because Louisville across the river is well-known for its heat island effect. Temperatures range from an average high of 30°C (87°F) in July and an average low of -4°C (25°F) in January.

The Howard Steamboat Museum in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville is a popular attraction. Housed in a wonderful 1894 residence built by the Howards, steamboat builders, the museum features original furnishings, stained-glass windows, brass chandeliers, and beautiful and intricate wood carvings. The 22-room Romanesque Revival mansion was constructed next to the Howard Shipyard, making it easy for ship craftsmen to help create many of the home's most beautiful features. Among the exhibits are items from famous steamboats (the Robert E. Lee and the Natchez, for example), and the original paddlewheel from the Delta Queen. Displays include artifacts from the Great Steamboat Era and paintings, photos, models, half-hull models, and shipbuilding tools.

Another hidden treasure in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville is G.A. Schimpff's Confectionery. Famous for its cinnamon red hots, the fourth generation of the family ensures that the store maintains its original tin ceiling and soda fountain and displays antique memorabilia. More recent favorite candies include chocolate, carmel, and pecan "turtles." Schimpff's is one of the country's oldest continuously-operated family-owned candy businesses. Open in 1891, the confectionary and lunch room is in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville's historic district, its Candy Museum and Candy Demonstration Area reveals the process of candy-making, packaging, and advertising to visitors.

Just 22 kilometers (14 miles) northeast of the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville is Charleston State Park, a beautiful area with deep ravines, rugged hills, and scenic vistas of the Ohio River and the Fourteenmile Creek Valley. The Park offers many opportunities for picnicking, fishing, hiking, and camping. The campgrounds have 60 sites with full hook-ups and 132 sites with electric service. Hikers will happen upon outcrops revealing Devonian fossils and karst sinkholes. Bird-watchers will find up to 72 species including black vultures, bluebirds, and some bald eagles. Charleston State Park offers a total of 4.2 kilometers (2.6 miles) in two moderate hiking trails and 15.6 kilometers (9.7 miles) in four rugged hiking trails.

For more tourist opportunities in the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville area, please refer to Louisville, Kentucky.

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