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Being one of the largest cities in the United States, the Port of Chicago offers an almost unlimited variety of sights and activities for travelers. Lake Michigan is a huge fresh water lake, and the Port of Chicago's lakefront beaches are largely open to the public. While the Oak Street and North Avenue Beaches are posh spots for sunning, Rogers Park offers miles of more sedate beach. Rainbow Beach is a best-kept secret that city residents enjoy. For complete information on the many things to see and do in the Port of Chicago, please visit the city's tourism website.

The Port of Chicago has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons, including long snowy winters. Summers are warm and humid, and winters are cold, snowy, and windy with temperatures frequently falling below zero. Autumn and spring are mild with low humidity. Temperatures range from an average high of 29 °C (85 °F) in July to an average low of -8 °C (16 °F) in January. The Port of Chicago receives an average 274 millimeters (10.8 inches) of snow in January.

The Port of Chicago is blessed with lakefront parks with lots of opportunities for outdoor activities and organized sports. Further from the lake are amazing parks that offer entertainment for all. Grant Park has music festivals year-round, and Millennium Park is a great family destination. Midway Park on the south shore has skating and gardens open in summer and winter. Jackson Park, near the site of the 1893 World Colombian Exposition, offers more beautiful gardens and golf courses. Washington Park is a favorite spot for community sports.

The Port of Chicago is a crazy quilt of neighborhoods, each with their own special character and events. It's hard to find a time when there isn't a Port of Chicago neighborhood festival going on. The most well-know include the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park in July and four music festivals: the Blues Fest and Gospel Fest (June), Lollapalooza (August), and Jazz Fest (Labor Day weekend).

The Port of Chicago has teams in every major professional sports league as well as university teams, so sports fans will never be bored. The Chicago Bears play football at Soldier Field. At the Union Center, the Chicago Bulls play basketball and the Chicago Blackhawks play hockey. The Chicago Cubs play baseball at the world-famous Wrigley Field, and the Chicago White Sox play at the US Cellular Field. Both of these baseball franchises have been operating for over 100 years. Smaller leagues operate in the Port of Chicago as well. You can enjoy watching the Chicago Fire play soccer in Bridgeview, the Chicago Rush play arena football in Rosemont, the Chicago Sky play women's professional basketball at the UIC Pavilion, or the Windy City Rollers roller derby in nearby Cicero.

The Port of Chicago offers plentiful theater and arts experiences as well. Chicago is home to the famous Second City, which has produced some of the US's greatest comedians and almost filled the cast of television's Saturday Night Live. Second City still performs in the Port of Chicago's Old Town. Improvisational performance is an important part of Chicago's theater community.

Theater-goers will get to enjoy the work of tomorrow's stars in the Port of Chicago. Landmark theater Steppenwolf in Lincoln Park was founded in 1976 and mixes young actors and a veteran cast (including power-house performers like Joan Allen, John Malkovich, and Gary Sinise) in presenting some of the best theatrical performances you'll ever see.

The Port of Chicago's famous Loop or the Near North neighborhood are home to most of the established theaters. No matter what's playing, you'll want to check out the Auditorium at the Loop. This is an architectural masterpiece designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan. When it opened in 1889, it was the tallest building in the Port of Chicago and one of the tallest in the world.

In the old days, it was common to see cruise ships on the Great Lakes. But by the end of the 1960s, luxury cruise lines had switched their focus to tropical international waters. Yet, you can still enjoy a Great Lakes Cruise through the Great Lakes Cruise Company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ports of call include the Port of Chicago, Windsor, Traverse City, historic Mackinac Island, and picturesque port cities in the northern wilderness. With cruise ships built specifically for the many connecting canals and locks, travelers are enchanted by top-notch crews and impeccable service.

You can also choose from a variety of Port of Chicago Boat Tours, including shoreline sightseeing and romantic nighttime dinner cruises. Check out the Chicago Traveler website to learn about the variety of experiences available for Port of Chicago boat tours.

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