Port of Tenakee Springs
Cruising and Travel

The tiny Port of Tenakee Springs offers privacy, peace, and relaxation to residents and visitors. The hot springs are a major draw.

The Port of Tenakee Springs enjoys a maritime climate with relatively warm winters and cool summers. Temperatures range from 7°C (45°F) to 18°C (65°F) in the summer and from -4°C (24°F) to 4°C (39°F) in the winter. The Port of Tenakee Springs gets about 69 inches of rain a year and 62 inches of snow.

Several good hiking trails start at the Port of Tenakee Springs that cross Chichagof Island from one end to the other. Some of the hundreds of miles of trails are actually abandoned logging roads.

Hunting and fishing are popular activities in the Port of Tenakee Springs. Chichagof Island is a natural habitat for brown bear and Sitka black tail deer, and Tenakee Inlet supports deep-water rock fish, cod, halibut, and all five species of salmon.

Kayakers will enjoy breathtaking views of marine life in Tenakee Inlet that includes seals, sea otters, whales, and sea lions. Fishing Bear Charters/Tenakee Eco Tours offers kayak rentals. Sailing is another favorite activity in the Port of Tenakee Springs.

Bird watchers will be thrilled with the hundreds of species that nest in the Port of Tenakee Springs area.

With no streets or cars, the Port of Tenakee Springs' bathhouse is also a social center for the community. The bathhouse has separate hours for women and men. The 41°C (107&deb;F) hot springs relax sore muscles and offer a healing rest throughout the year.

The Port of Tenakee Springs is in the heart of Tongass National Forest, a wonderland of islands, glaciers, trees, and rain that support diverse terrestrial and marine wildlife. Eagles are the most permanent neighbors, and bears share the hiking trails with human visitors. The same size as the State of West Virginia, the Tongass National Forest offers campgrounds and cabins. Trails move through dense forests, alpine meadows and peat bogs. There are amazing caves to explore and both salt- and freshwater routes for boaters.

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