Port of Kake
Cruising and Travel

Visitors to the Port of Kake will find accommodations at several inns and lodges in the village. A local guide service provides kayak rentals. Sportsmen can get fishing and hunting licenses at a local bed and breakfast, and car rentals can be found at a local lodge. Aside from a city-owned package store, few additional services are available in the Port of Kake.

The Port of Kake enjoys a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers. Receiving much less rain than most of Southeast Alaska, the Port of Kake gets about 54 inches of rain a year and some 44 inches of snow. Average temperatures range from 6°C (44°F) to 16°C (62°F) in the summer and from -3°C (26°F) to 6°C (43°F) in the winter. Temperatures as low as -25°C (-14°F) and as high as 31°C (88°F) have been recorded in the Port of Kake.

Twice each week, the Port of Kake is served by Alaska's Marine Highway System. A covered shed serves as a ferry terminal building. Scheduled float plane flights and air taxis are available from the Port of Juneau some 164 kilometers (101 miles) to the north. In addition, visitors can get charter planes operating from the Ports of Sitka, Petersburg, and Ketchikan. There is a seaplane base at the Port of Kake's City Dock, and there is a State-owned paved runway west of the village.

Locals operate charter boats throughout the year in the waterways of Southeast Alaska. While there are some 193 kilometers (120 miles) of logging roads in the area surrounding the Port of Kake, the village has no connections to other communities on the island.

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