Port of Craig
Cruising and Travel

Visitors can reach the Port of Craig aboard Alaska Airlines flights from Seattle, Anchorage, and other places in southeast Alaska. They can also travel the Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Prince Rupert Port in British Columbia or the Port of Bellingham in Washington State. Small commuter airlines and the Inter-Island Ferry provide local transportation services to the Port of Craig.

The Japanese current is a strong influence on the climate of Prince of Wales Island and the Port of Craig. Temperatures range from an average low of -1.4°C (29.5°F) in January to an average high of 17°C (63°F) in July. Getting about 97 inches of precipitation a year, the Port of Craig gets relatively little snow (22 inches per year). The longest day of the year in the Port of Craig is over 15 hours long, and the shortest day is about 7 hours.

Some 35 kilometers (21 miles) north-northeast of the Port of Craig is Tongass National Forest. Administered by the United States Forest Service, it is the country's biggest national forest, and it covers much of Southeast Alaska. Visitors to Tongass have opportunities to view bears, eagles, salmon, and some of Alaska's most beautiful country. The forest offers glacier sled-dog rides, boardwalk trail hikes, freshwater and ocean fishing, and more than 150 cabins on remote lakes and coastlines. Clear-cut logging has occurred in the Tongass National Forest for many years, and about 70% of the old growth trees have disappeared. Yet, the forest is among the most beautiful in the world.

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