Puerto de Montevideo
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The City of Montevideo (Spanish) is a popular tourist destination and a busy port for cruises. It contains beautiful colonial period buildings and even more beautiful beaches. The Ciudadela Gateway, the entrance to the old city (Ciudad Vieja), is the only remaining section of the old city wall. The Puerto de Montevideo boasts many churches, museums, theaters, and an exciting nightlife where crowds do the tango far into the night.

The Puerto de Montevideo has a wonderful subtropical climate with mild winters and hot humid summers. Its springs are spiced with thunderstorms and Tropical cyclones. Temperatures range from an average high of 29ºC (84ºF) in January to an average low of 8.3ºC (47ºF) in July.

Visitors to Uruguay will not want to miss a trip to the Puerto de Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja. Surrounding the Plaza Independencia, the old town recalls Old World Europe, with a blend of Spanish, Art Deco, and Italian architecture. Iron gates and old-fashioned street lamps line streets that hold wonderful restaurants, antique shops, and many other attractions. Old town is also near the popular Mercado Puerto (Port Market).

The Museo Historico Nacional (National History Museum) fills four different historic homes in Ciudad Vieja. The restored buildings were once the homes of Uruguay's most famous politicians and military leaders. The Museo Romantico contains paintings and antiques. The Casa Rivera was home to the first president, and the Casa Garibaldi was home of a famous navy commander. The 18th Century Casa Lavalleja is the former residence of national hero General Juan Lavalleja.

The Puerto de Montevideo's Museo del Gaucho y de la Moneda celebrates the history and lifestyle of the Uruguayan cowboy. The museum contains many artifacts related to the cowboy's life and times as well as several fascinating educational displays, including one that tells the story of the country's currency.

La Rambla in the Puerto de Montevideo is a 22-kilometer waterside roadway where people fish, bike, socialize, and enjoy marvelous views of the harbor and city (particularly at sunset). The promenade runs along the Puerto de Montevideo's Rio de la Plata beach that runs from the Ciudad Vieja to the chic neighborhood called Carrasco.

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