Port of Taichung
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Taichung City is blessed with a comfortable climate and efficient public transportation. The center of a popular tourist region, the Port of Taichung has an average annual temperature of 23 ºC (73 ºF), and that temperature seldom varies more than 13 ºC (or 23 ºF) between summer and winter. The Port of Taichung is warmest July through September and coolest in January and February. Rain is heaviest from May to August and lightest from October to February. This lucky city is unaffected by typhoons. Visitors to the Port of Taichung will want to check out these popular attractions.

The National Museum of Natural Science is actually seven museums in one. The Science Center has hands-on exhibits demonstrating scientific principles. There is also a life sciences section, a botanical garden, a greenhouse, an earthquake museum, and sections on global cultures and global environments. Especially if you're bringing children, plan to spend at least a whole day there.

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the Port of Taichung is a big, elaborate museum for modern arts. It has rotating visual exhibits and a fancy children's section with hands-on exhibits and unique toys and games.

The Taichung Winery started operating in the Japanese era. Today, it contains displays on the history of the winery and on wine-making in general. At the production exhibition center, visitors can learn about and sample their herbal wines. The winery claims that its Yuher Ever Health Chiew will cure ailments and extend life for the healthy.

The Port of Taichung Folklore Park is a great place to learn about the traditional Taiwanese way of life in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. It contains a Fujian provincial home and a traditional Taiwanese farmhouse. A special treat is the recreated traditional shopping street with teahouse and stores where all types of folk wares are available for purchase. The basement museum under the Fujian house contains hundreds of objects from traditional Taiwanese life including religious, household, farming, and other every-day items.

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