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Visitors to the City of Keelung will find a prosperous city, 95% of which is built on the mountains that surround the harbor and separate Chi-lung from neighboring counties. The modern Port of Keelung is an international harbor city that receives many visiting ships each year. Thousands of visitors arrive to join in the annual Mid-July Festival. In addition to delicious regional cuisine, tourists will enjoy visiting the tunnels, the fishery harbor and fish market, and the bay.

The Port of Keelung has a humid subtropical climate with short mild winters and humid summers. Typhoon season lasts from June until October. Humidity levels range from 78% in November to 82% from February through May. Temperatures range from an average high of over 32 °C (91 °F) in July to an average low of almost 14 °C (57 °F) in January and February.

Visitors interested in historic sites will want to see the historic forts that protected Chi-lung over the past few centuries, including: Gongzih Liao Fort in northeast Keelung, Dawulun Fort on the west side of Keelung Harbor, Ershawan Fort (also Haimen Tiansian) atop Ershawan Mountain, Baimiwong Fort on the northwest Keelung harbor, and Shihciouling Fort, the highest and strongest fort in the Port of Keelung.

The Port of Keelung also offers beautiful natural treats for visitors. Keelung Islet was formed by a volcano. Guanghua Tower, a transformed lighthouse, opened in 1967 to offer a charming dining and meeting center. In February and March, it also offers views of the Chinese crested tern flocks that gather there. Hoping (or She-liao) Island is the gateway to the harbor and the home to the native Kaitaglan tribe. Today, the Island contains a seashore park along its coast.

Waimu Shan Seashore stretches five kilometers from the Fishery Harbor to Aoditong Village, and visitors can swim and scuba dive here. Lovers Lake Park, on the side of Mount Dawulun in western Keelung, is a densely-wooded highland area with a beautiful lake. Close to the harbor, Jhongjheng Park is famous for its scenery.

Travelers who want to visit the Port of Keelung by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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