Hualien Port
Cruising and Travel

Hualien City is one of Taiwan's most charming cities, with the sea on one side and mountains on the other. It has a moderate climate with summer temperatures seldom exceeding 32 ºC (89 ºF) and winter temperatures seldom below 15 ºC (59 ºF) and an average annual temperature of 24 ºC (75 ºF). Hualien Port gets a lot of rain, and cloudy days are the norm. Typhoon season lasts from June through September. Visitors to Hualien Port will want to check out these attractions.

Taroko National Park is famous for its mountains and canyons. About 15 kilometers north of Hualien Port, the park covers about 92 thousand hectares of springs, grottoes, waterfalls, and high cliffs that enchant visitors. The jewel of the park is its marble gorge, formed over millions of years by the Liwu River as it carved walls hundreds of meters high through the geological stratum of marble.

More than 300 artists live in Hualien Port, and a group of sculptors formed the Hualien Stone Sculpturing Association. The Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum contains traditional and contemporary sculptures from around the world. The Museum is also the site of many artists' forums. The main exhibits present traditional Chinese stone sculptures. The museum also houses a restaurant.

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