Port of Tekirdag
Cruising and Travel

The City of Tekirdag (Turkish) has a northern Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers (that can get up to 40 ºC or 104 ºF) and cold rainy winters (reaching as low as -8 ºC or 17 ºF). Autumns are long and mild and the best time to swim. The Port of Tekirdag is not a popular tourist destination, but there are a few sights worth the visit.

The Port of Tekirdag Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography contains displays of stone artifacts, tiny ancient figures, ethnographic arts, and folkloric textiles specific to Tekirdag. Also on display are objects from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman periods.

Rakoczi's House, where lived the Hungarian Prince and independence leader against the Habsburgs, memorializes Hungarian national hero Francis II Rakoczi. The house has been restored to be the same as it was in the time that Rokoczi lived (and died) there in the Port of Tekirdag during the 18th Century.

Namik Kemal's House near the University is a replica of the home of this national poet was born in the Port of Tekirdag. The writer and poet had significant influence on the Turkish nationalist movement and helped westernize Turkish literature. The Local History Association is now located in the house.

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