Port of Kalmar
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The City of Kalmar (Swedish) is one of Sweden’s oldest cities, and it is an interesting town. The city wall that was built in the 12th Century is well-preserved. The Port of Kalmar also has a beautiful and tranquil city park. Visitors to the Port of Kalmar will not want to miss these major sights.

The 12th Century Kalmar Castle once protected the city from pirates and other enemies. As the harbor grew so did the fortification. Sweden’s kings Gustav Vasa and Erik XIV gave Castle Kalmar its modern appearance during the 16th Century. The last king to live in the Port of Kalmar‘s castle was Charles XI, who ruled from 1673 to 1692.

The Kalmar County Museum has many interesting exhibits. Jenny Nystrom, a Port of Kalmar native, became one of the most popular illustrators in Sweden. A museum exhibit tells the story of her life and displays some of her works. The museum also has an exhibit describing their 20-year investigation of the Royal Ship Kronan, an under-sea archaeological site in the Baltic Sea. The Kronan is the biggest ship from Sweden’s 17th Century golden age. In 2005, a wicker chest was found buried at the shipwreck site of the Kronan. On bringing the chest to the surface, it was found to contain more than 6400 silver coins, about 800 buttons, and a man’s dress, all of which are on display at the museum.

Salve Town (Swedish) in the Port of Kalmar is an experience in life during the Middle Ages. A queen’s herald at the village market tells visitors about a normal day in 1397. Visitors can wear period clothing and participate in the work of the village, even trying some medieval archery or painting while listening to period music. They can also prepare their own medieval meals and learn about the herbs and medicines of the day.

Travelers who want to see the Port of Kalmar by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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