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The City of Malmo and surrounding area were part of Denmark until 1658, and it is more Danish than Swedish in many ways. It is also more similar to Copenhagen than other Swedish cities in architecture and mentality. Many of its residents were born in other countries, giving Copenhagen Malmo Port a rich and varied cultural life. Of course, Copenhagen Malmo Port also serves the popular tourist city of Copenhagen. For information on the opportunities available for tourists in Malmo, please visit the city's tourism website. For information about the many attractions and activities available in Copenhagen, please visit Copenhagen's tourism website.

The Copenhagen Malmo Port has an oceanic climate that is relatively mild for locations at that latitude due to the Gulf Stream. In mid-summer, days can last 17 hours. In mid-winter, they can be as short as seven hours. Summers are comfortable and warm, with temperatures that average 22 °C (72 °F) in July and August. Winters are cold, with an average low of -1 °C (30 °F) in January and February. Rainfall is light most of the year. While snow falls from December through March, it rarely remains for long. During some winters, snow does not come at all.

Visitors to Copenhagen Malmo Port will want to visit the Malmohus Castle. Located west of the old city center, Erik of Pomerania built the castle in 1437, and the Kings of Denmark lived there during the 16th and 17th Centuries. It was used as a prison until 1914. Today, it contains history and art museums, an aquarium and a terrarium. On the grounds is the Commandant's House (Kommendanthuset) that is used for exhibitions. Malmohus Castle is the oldest surviving Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. During the 1570s, Scotland's Queen Mary Stuart was imprisoned here. After being used as a prison for many years, it was converted into a museum in 1937 with an exhibition telling the story of how those in power shaped the people's fate. The Malmo Museer contains an archaeological collection revealing the region's development from the Ice Age to the Renassance. The popular Aquarium features fish and animals native to southern Sweden as well as tropical nocturnal animals, piranhas, and electric eels.

West of the castle, visitors will find the Tekniska och Sjofartsmuseet (Technology and Maritime Museum) and a large exhibition devoted to transportation, particularly aviation. The museum contains many cut-away models, including the cockpit of a Vickers Viscount and a 1943 Swedish U3 submarine that visitors can explore.

Copenhagen Malmo Port's Western Harbour area is a popular attraction for people in Malmo. Overlooking the Oresund, the district contains an award-winning ecological housing area, a wide range of plants and animals, and much water in the form of canals, ponds, beaches, and marinas for small craft. Once an industrial area and home to Kockum's world-famous shipyard, today it houses Malmo University and the IT and telecommunications industries. A former Saab factory now hoses the Malmo Exhibition and Convention Centre, which also hosts the Skanes Dansteater and a special concrete skate-boarding arena on an old ship ramp.

The Beach of Ribersborg is near the city center. Offering shallow waters far from shore, the beach has large green spaces for recreation. Since 1898, the beach has been a popular Copenhagen Malmo Port destination for both swimmers and people who enjoy the cafes. A wood-fired sauna operates there throughout the year.

Travelers who want to visit Copenhagen Malmo Port and Copenhagen can find a list of scheduled cruises at the Cruise Compete website.

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