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The City of Koper has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm dry summers. Average summer temperatures are about 23°C (73°F), and winter temperatures average 2.3°C (36°F). The Port of Koper enjoys 112 days a year of sunshine and only 56 days per year of rain.

With only one percent of Slovenia having a coastline, the sea region of the Port of Koper is an important national natural resource. At the northern end of the Mediterranean on the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Trieste, the Port of Koper sits at the junction of the sea and the Alps, giving it a unique ecology and exceptional biodiversity.

The Port of Koper’s most popular attraction is its Venetian-age old town. Although not in the best shape, the community is restoring the area slowly. At the center of old town is Tito Square, a rather plain city square surrounded by a deteriorating palazzi. There are some places visitors to the Port of Koper will not want to miss.

The Strmec Castle sits atop a 300-meter wall with great views of the Port of Koper and the Trieste Gulf. Already an important fortification in ancient times, it was made a fortress by the Romans. Today’s castle dates to the 13th Century. It has changed ownership many times, and it was seriously damaged by a 1780 fire, but it is still an enchanting place to visit. The castle contains a nice restaurant, and weddings are sometimes held on the terrace.

The Port of Koper’s 15th Century Praetorian Palace is the only completely restored building on the city square. It was built from two older 13th Century houses that were connected by a loggia, rebuilt many times, and then finished as a Venetian Gothic palace. Today, it is home to the Port of Koper’s tourist office.

The Cathedral of the Assumption is being renovated today. Standing at the city center, it dominates Tito Square and Brolo Square. The 12th Century Romanesque space has three naves and three apses. On the south side of the building, the funnel-shaped windows are in good condition.

Travelers who want to see the Port of Koper by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises by searing for “Koper” on the Cruise Compete website.

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