Port Sudan
Cruising and Travel

Even though Sudan is the biggest country in Africa, it is not Africa’s most popular tourist destination. With significant political strife, a reputation for terrorism, and the problems in Darfur, not many travelers want to go there. But for divers, Port Sudan is a must-do.

The coral reefs near Port Sudan are in excellent health, and grey and white tip reef sharks are abundant. Barracuda are also common, and divers sometimes see tuna or trevally. At the surface, marine life thrives, and there are many reef fish, turtles, and dolphins, not to mention the warm blue waters. Below, the shipwrecks of the Umbria and the Blue Belt are fascinating, and there is an underwater habitat at Sha’ab Rumi built by Jacques Cousteau. The best time for diving is November when the water temperatures hover around 26°C (79°F). Dives range from 10 to 30 meters.

Another attraction in Port Sudan is the Sudan Red Sea Resort with an on-premises diving center. About 30 kilometers north of Port Sudan, the resort is built on a high coral plateau. It has bungalows tents containing two beds, two chairs, and a table and eight outdoor showers and toilets. Meals and beverages area available on the terrace. Visitors to the Sudan Red Sea Resort will find many sea birds and eagles and a few camel that come to drink the fresh water.

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