King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu
Cruising and Travel

Like the port in Jubail, the King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu is a successful modern experiment in development. While people had lived there for thousands of years, today’s cities were created on a drawing board for the specific purpose of industrial production. The infrastructure and facilities all support their industrial nature, so there are not many tourist attractions in either, including at King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu.

Yanbu is, however, a wonderful place to go scuba diving. Soft coral and marine life are abundant on the coastline at Yanbu due to the strong currents that also assure good visibility. The major diving spot is at an empty beach on Yanbu creek’s north banks. The steep reef wall descends to about 100 feet in most places, with some sandy shelves between 30 and 70 feet. The reef contains many cave-like formations in the shallow levels.

The most popular diving spots are Barracuda Beach and Coral Gardens. Barracuda Beach got its name honestly: barracuda congregate there along with tuna, sharks, and other sea predators. Coral Gardens is a shallow area (15 feet) with blooming corals and a swift current. The Royal Commission Diving Center in Yanbu is a civic-minded group dedicated to protecting the reefs. They also participate in rescue efforts when needed.

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