King Abdul Aziz Port
Cruising and Travel

The City of Al-Dammam (Arabic) is the eastern region’s capital and largest city. The world’s most important centers for the producing and refining petroleum are located in Al-Dammam , and much of those products are exported through King Abdul Aziz Port. Al-Dammam and King Abdul Aziz Port are newcomers to this ancient part of the world, so there are not many historic or traditional cultural attractions in the area; however, there are some attractions well worth the visit.

The Dammam Corniche is the place to go for breathtaking natural beauty. It is part of a huge seaside project that stretches from Tarot Island to Aziziah Beach. The Corniche is dotted with modern art installations. This popular area with families is also a busy place in the evenings. The area between Al-Dammam and Al Khobar is designated for sports facilities, and clubs serving locals and expatriates are located here. There is also a commercial area welcoming families at Half Moon Bay to Al-Dammam’s south.

The largest Park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the King Fahd Park in Al-Dammam. Located on the Dammam-Dhahran Expressway, the park covers 27 hectares in the heart of Al-Dammam with trees, bushes, and ornamental pools. The park has many pools, man-made lagoons, fountains, and buildings where people seek relief from the heat. It also contains amenities like a central cafeteria and a fun train ride around the park.

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