Port of Taganrog
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Taganrog is a largely industrial city that has been open to foreigners only since 1991. In late 2007, the city council approved a detailed 3-year plan for developing tourism in the Port of Taganrog. Yet, the city has much to offer in the way of historical places, cultural events, and recreation opportunities that visitors will enjoy.

The City of Taganrog has preserved its pre-revolutionary Old World identity while at the same time moving forward into the industrial world of the 20th Century and the technological world of the 21st Century. Visitors to the Port of Taganrog will want to check out today’s major tourist attractions.

The House/Museum of Anton Chekhov in the Port of Taganrog opened in 1914 and was later transformed into a virtual museum dedicated to the world-famous great writer. The house contains the writer’s personal things as well as a collection of his plays and materials about them.

The Port of Taganrog’s Alferaki Palace was built for wealthy merchant Nikolay Alferaki by the architect Andrei Stackenschneider in 1848 on Frunze Street. Decorated with Corinthian columns and baroque stucco molding, it was a showplace of its time. Inside were luxurious rooms and a spacious hall with ceiling paintings.

The Taganrog Chekhov Drama Theater is one of the city’s proudest cultural landmarks. Established in 1827, its first seasons were devoted to drama, melodrama, and vaudeville. In the early 1860s, Italian opera became a popular program, so much so that the Port of Taganrog established its own Italian opera in a new opera theater building. In 1901, the first movie was shown at the Taganrog City Theater. In 1935, celebrities from the Moscow Art Theater performed there to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Anton Chekhov (who had a favorite seat at the theater he loved). Over the 170 years of its existence, the theater continues to be a traditional and proud Russian drama theater.

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