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The City of Novorossiysk (Russian) is made up of an eastern industrial area and a western residential area. The sections are divided by the Tsemes Bay and the valley of the Tsemes River. The Port of Novorossiysk is blessed by the Caucasus Mountains foothills as a wonderful scenic backdrop and the beautiful Tsemes Bay as a front yard. The Port of Novorossiysk is not a popular tourist attraction, but it is near two several seaside resorts that have a total of 47 health centers operating. The Port of Novorossiysk has jurisdiction over several settlements in the area, including Abrau-Dyurso, a small town on the shores of Lake Abrau which is well-known for its wine-making and luxurious villas.

The Port of Novorossiysk has a temperate to subtropical climate similar to those of the Mediterranean region. Winter last about a month, and summer can last up to seven months. Temperatures range from 5 °C (41 °F) to 23 °C (73 °F) on the coast and from -8 °C (17 °F) to 13 °C (55 °F) in the mountains.

The most popular holiday areas around the Port of Novorossiysk is the North Caucasus mountainsides at the Abrau peninsula. There visitors find warm sea waters that invite underwater swimmers and fishers. Under the jurisdiction of the Port of Novorossiysk, it is about 14 kilometers to the west on the shores of Lake Abrau, a karst lake in the Caucasus foothills.

The Abrau-Dyurso area is one of Russia's major wine-producing regions, and the wineries are the oldest in Russia, established by Tsar Alexander in 1870. Visitors can visit the Abrau-Dyurso facilities that produce Russia's most popular sparkling wines. They contain a museum and a wine-tasting hall. The wine cellars of the factory are about 45 meters underground, and the tunnels are maintained as they were in the old days. Visitors get to watch the champagne being made and then taste it. The tour includes a historical lecture, a visit to the champagne department, a lecture on the techniques of making sparkling wines, and a tasting of six samples.

The Port of Novorossiysk boasts many archaeological and historic landmarks. This rare Hero City is popular in Russia for its involvement in the military operations in the "Great Patriotic War" (World War II).

Visitors to the Port of Novorossiysk will want to check out the Novorossisk State Historical Museum Reserve in the Port of Novorossiysk. The largest museum on Russia's Black Sea coast, the museum was established in 1916 for natural and cultural history of the Caucasus Black Sea coast. It contains over 220 thousand objects and is visited by more than 200 thousand people a year. The most popular exhibits are the "Novorossiysk History" and "Novorossiysk Region Nature." The exhibits contain archaeological artifacts, weapons, and showpieces that tell the Port of Novorossiysk's story from its beginnings until today. A very popular diorama addresses the "heroic liberation from Nazi aggressors in 1943" when a small navy unit defended the port long enough to save it from the German army.

One of the biggest waterparks, Frunze, in Russia is located in the Port of Novorossiysk. Busy on summer days, the park contains some thrilling roller-coaster rides that climb and dive at sometimes frightening speeds. From the top of the coaster "hills," riders get breathtaking (if very short) views of the surrounding area.

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