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Being almost 2600 years old, the Port of Constantza is the oldest city in Romania. It is also the Black Sea’s biggest seaport and the third biggest in Europe. Engaged in maritime trade since the Greeks arrived in the 1st Century BC, the Port of Constantza has a long and honored maritime tradition. There are many things to see and do in the Port of Constantza. Only a few are mentioned here.

The Port of Constantza has a moderate climate influenced by the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. The port enjoys four distinct seasons each year.

In the summer, the Baltic Sea is a favorite spot for beach-lovers. In the middle of the city, a large beach near the marina is popular with residents. With very shallow waters, it’s a great place to take children. The very popular Mamaia beach resort in northern Constantza has about seven kilometers of wide sandy beach with many hotels, clubs, and bars where people love to gather in the summer. While people don’t want to swim from September to April, the beaches are a wonderful setting for long walks and photograph safaris.

The historic Port of Constantza is a great place to take leisurely strolls along the city’s streets. The peninsula area has the special charm of being at the coast, near the Tomis marina, full of parks, and home of the ruins of the ancient Tomis (the original Greek colony).

Visitors to the Port of Constantza will not want to miss the National History and Archaeology Museum (Muzeul de Istorie Nationala si Arheologie (Romanian)) with its huge collection of artifacts from the Greek, Roman, and Daco-Roman periods. The story of the region is told from the Stone Age to modern times.

About a third of the original Roman Mosaics (Edificul Roman cu Mozaic) remains today. With over 850 square meters of colorful mosaics on display, vestiges of the old Roman public baths are still visible. This area was the city’s center for commerce from the 4th to 7th Centuries.

For those with more contemporary tastes, the Port of Constantza is home to an art nouveau designed casino that offers a breathtaking view of the sea. It’s a favorite spot for couples, particularly as the sun sets.

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