Port of Papeete
Cruising and Travel

The City of Papeete (French) is not the tropical paradise that comes to mind when you hear “Tahiti.” It is a government center with an industrial port and scattered local color. There are few sights to see in the Port of Papeete, but the diverse population of visitors and residents makes for great people-watching.

The Port of Papeete has redeveloped the waterfront with a promenade where people can walk along the port. At night, the waterfront is alive with Tahitian “roulottes” (dinners) with Polynesian performances.

The Port of Papeete has many multi-cultural restaurants and sidewalk cafes serving a range of cuisines. The busy Le Marche (Municipal Market) is an interesting shopping area where hundreds of stands offer every kind of product you can imagine from Tahitian arts and crafts to jewelry to flowers and fruit.

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