Port of Szczecin
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The City of Szczecin is an historic Hanseatic City that has been at the junction of European power for centuries. It is a charming green city and the cultural, historical, and scientific capital of Western Pomerania. It also offers many opportunities for fine dining and great shopping. Visitors will not want to miss some of the special sights the Port of Szczecin has to offer.

The Pomeranian Dukes Castle is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Containing a museum, restaurants, cafes, and a tourist information office, the castle was an important cultural center for life in Western Pomerania. Today, it supports the art community in the Port of Szczecin. Visitors can attend classical and chamber music concerts or art exhibitions at almost any time.

The Waly Chrobrego promenade offers wonderful views of the River Oder and several good cafes. Located centrally on the promenade, the Muzeum Morskie (Polish Maritime Museum) holds artifacts from the Port of Szczecin’s history and collections of African and maritime historic objects. Another popular activity is taking a cruise of the harbor. Visitors can ride the Odra Queen or Peene Queen from the Waly Chrobrego waterfront and see the city from Dabie Lake.

Adventurous visitors will want to see the Port of Szczecin’s Underground Paths, a reconstruction of an area that was a bomb shelter during World War II and a fallout shelter during the Cold War era. Built in 1941, the Germans used old 19th Century corridors in constructing the shelter. With five underground floors, it is 17 meters at its deepest. The walls are three meters thick, and the ceiling is 2.8 meters thick. The shelter holds several walled up corridors that are still mysteries. Two tours are available of the underground. The World War II Route reconstructs living conditions in the shelter during air raids and talks about the progress of the war seen from this underground maze.

Travelers who want to see the Port of Szczecin by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises by searching for “Szczecin” on the Cruise Compete website.

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