Port of Madang
Cruising and Travel

Many people say that the Port of Madang is the prettiest town in the South Pacific with many parks, waterways, lush shade trees, and inviting tropical islands. Even though it’s relatively small, the Port of Madang has plenty of affordable accommodations, stores, markets, and shops.

The Port of Madang is Papua New Guinea’s most popular spot for divers for both novice and experienced. It offers a wonderful variety of dive sites near the shore where divers can explore wrecks, coral reefs, and shallow lagoons. It is also a good place from which to get to the outer islands and reefs that divers don’t usually frequent. The water there is clear and full of marine life.

Travelers will enjoy shopping the local markets for artifacts, jewelry made from shells, carvings, and locally-made pottery. You can watch the traditional clay pots being made in the nearby villages of Bilbil or Yabob. Harbor cruises in the Madang Harbor are a wonderful way to see the city and its surroundings. At Balek Wildlife Sanctuary, you can experience sulfurous caves full of fish, walk the jungles, or visit the hot springs.

Sports fishermen will find the waters near the Port of Madang rich with sailfish, tuna, barracuda, mackerel, kingfish, yellow fin, and wahoo. The fishing is particularly great off the islands of Karkar and Bagabag.

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