Port of Balboa
Cruising and Travel

While the Port of Balboa is not a popular tourist destination in itself, it is a suburb of Panama City. Thousands of cruise vessels pass through the Panama Canal every year. Passengers and visitors will find useful services at the Port of Balboa, including a post office, two banks with ATMs, and a café. The old YMCA building now has an Internet café and a few travel agents. The Port of Balboa also has several bed and breakfasts, a hotel, and a hostel.

Just south of the Port of Balboa is the Amador Causeway, a wonderful are for picnics, long walks, and bicycling. The Causeway offers beautiful views of the Panama City skyline and waterfront area. The Albrook Airport and Albrook Mall are just five minutes north of the Port of Balboa. The Gran Terminal in Albrook Mall is the hub for all buses to and from Panama City.

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