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The City of Tromso (Norwegian) surprises most visitors. It offers everything big cities offer: history, art, excellent cuisine, and an infamous nightlife. It is also located in some of Norway’s most beautiful natural scenery.

The Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) is the major attraction in the Port of Tromso. From early October to mid-March, the light show is on from 6 pm to midnight, although clouds may dim the lights until December when the weather gets drier. People who enjoy sports should come to the Port of Tromso in March to see the lights and enjoy outdoor activities.

The Port of Tromso’s Polar Museum tells the story of Arctic hunting and expeditions since the 1800s. The museum opened on the 50th anniversary of Roald Amundsen’s departure from the Port of Tromso on his last expedition. Located on the waterfront in the historic Skansen area, the museum occupies a warehouse built in 1830.

The Tromso Museum in the Port of Tromso is a university museum with many exhibits on North Norway, including an exhibit on the indigenous Sami peoples. There are also exhibits on local archaeology, religious art, and a Northern Lights machine.

Visitors will enjoy touring the Mack Brewery (Norwegian) that has been operating in the city center since 1877. But you’d better do it soon, as the company is considering a move away from the Port of Tromso.

The world most northern botanic garden is in the Port of Tromso. The Arctic Alpine Botanic Garden is not very big, but it has some very interesting plant species like Rhododendrons from China, the Himalayas, and North Norway. In the Himalaya section, visitors will find the rare blue poppy. The site includes a traditional garden with plants that have been used for medicine, magic, and as aphrodisiacs.

Travelers who want to visit the Port of Tromso by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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