Port of Sandnes
Cruising and Travel

Being a relatively small town and an industrial port, the Port of Sandnes is not a popular tourist destination, but it does have a couple of places that visitors should not miss.

Sandnesmuseet Brickworks and pottery makers operated in the Port of Sandnes for over 200 years. The Port of Sandnes’ Pottery and Brick Works Museum tells the story of the use of clay from the time it is taken from the earth to the time it emerges as a finished ceramic product. The museum also has displays and information on the local woodworking, pre-fabricated housing, and furniture trades.

The Tryggvi Icelandic Horse Farm, about five kilometers from the Port of Sandnes, offers riding tours on Icelandic horses through the gorgeous woods and beautiful scenery surrounding Sandnes. Two-day riding tours are available.

Shoppers will not want to miss Norway’s biggest shopping mall, Kvadrat (Norwegian). With 151 shops and 18 restaurants, a pharmacy, a wine and liquor store, and free parking, the mall contains everything you’ll need for your stay in Sandnes.

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