Port of Borg
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Located at the estuary of Norway’s biggest river, the Port of Borg and Gamle Fredrikstad combine a rich history with breathtaking natural beauty. The city is filled with history from the Stone Age to the age of aristocrats and nobles to the modern industrial world.

Visitors to the Fredrikstad and the Port of Borg will not want to miss the Old Town and the old fortified city that is home to the Kongsten fortress. During the summer and on sunny days, this is a glorious place to get out and take a walk. There are wonderful areas for children to play and great cafes.

The Fortress Town, Gamlebyen, was built in 1663 as a military defense against Sweden. Today, the district’s cobbled streets are lined with 17th Century buildings that appeared as the city grew. Today, many craftsmen and artists use the buildings as their working studios, and visitors are welcomed. The district contains a museum that tells Old Town’s story and the best-preserved fortress in Scandinavia.

The Port of Borg’s Kongsten Fortress in Fredrikstad’s Old Town was first used in 1685. Built at a former site for executions, it was meant to be a satellite fortress, taking advantage of high ground to protect the city. Today, visitors can see the commandant’s home, casemates, storehouse, sentry house, and a bread oven. The grounds are a perfect place to picnic.

At Begby, just four kilometers from the city center, Bronze Age carvers recorded the journey of the soul to the stars and the sun on the granite stones, and ancient bronze smiths of Hunn created ritual axes and swords from metal ore. One of the Port of Borg and Fredrikstad’s biggest suburbs, Begby is also home to the ancient rock carvings that tell the story of early man.

The Port of Borg and Fredrikstad’s river walk is a great place to enjoy the sunshine and meet people in the summer. With dozens of bars and restaurants, the river walk is the place to be in Fredrikstad when it’s warm. Many people also come to the city by boat and stay at the guest pier in the Port of Borg.

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