Labuan Port
Cruising and Travel

Labuan Island is a great destination for those who love the water. Labuan Port is a world-class fishing port, surrounded by six smaller islands that are surrounded by clear blue water and some of the world’s most prolific coral reefs and sports fishing areas. Deep-sea fishers will love their time catching tuna, mackerel, dorado, black marlin, and sailfish that come to feed on the food carried in the warm ocean currents.

Divers and snorkelers will also have a great time at Labuan Port. About two kilometers from the coastline, the marine park is an eco-diving and snorkeling dream. With t here tiny islets surrounded by coral reefs, divers and snorkelers will find a world of beautiful coral reefs, brightly-colored fish, and lessons for the inexperienced.

Not only does it offer breathtaking coral reefs, but Labau Island has one of Asia’s richest wreck-diving sites. Four ships lie at the sea floor near Labuan Port including two World War II vessels and two vessels that sank in the 1980s. Lying in as much as 35 meters of water, both novice and expert wreck divers come to explore the ships. New divers can get lessons in Labuan Port.

Labuan Port and the island have haunting memories of World War II. Three important World War II sites are located on the island: the Labuan War Cemetery, the Allied Landing Point, and the Japanese Surrender Park. Every November, a “Remembrance Day” is held at Labuan Port when Malaysians and war vets come to pay their respects to the 3900 fallen Allied soldiers killed on the island between 1942 and 1945.

The Labuan International Sea Sports Complex is located on Labuan Port’s waterfront in the beautification project area. Covering almost 2.5 hectares, the complex is interesting architecturally and houses up-to-date facilities and infrastructure to handle the largest events.

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