Puerto de Mazatlan
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The City of Mazatlán is both economically and socially diverse. It is a popular retirement haven for people from the United States and Europe, and it supports a large community of working immigrants. The Puerto de Mazatlán is probably best known for its beautiful beaches, but there are many other things visitors will not want to miss.

Old Mazatlán, the downtown and historic area, is both interesting and charming. It contains the busy market (El Mercado) filled with shoppers and surrounded by a wide variety of street vendors and shops. This large center has everything from tourists’ t-shirts to traditional Mexican arts and crafts. A meat and fruit market in the center is frequented by locals.

A block southwest of the Mercado is the 1899 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This beautiful building is full of grace, both on the outside and the inside. Lit through stained glass windows, the interior glows with a mix of warm and cool hues. Because a Jewish family donated money for the building’s construction, Stars of David were placed in the top windows of the cathedral. With Renaissance domes, a hand-carved baroque triple altar, yellow tiled spires, and blue and gold Moorish motifs on the exterior, this is one of the most beautiful churches in the region.

The Parque Revolución is just south of the cathedral and next door to the Puerto de Mazatlán’s city hall. About two blocks south of that relatively unremarkable park is the city’s most beautiful area, Plaza Mechado, lined with sidewalk tables and wonderful restaurants. The 19th Century Teatro Angela Peralta is located on the square, and it offers many different dramatic and musical venues. Next door to the Teatro is a Spanish-language display that tells the story of the Puerto de Mazatlán’s history.

One of the Puerto de Mazatlán’s most popular attractions is the lighthouse (El Faro), the second highest operating natural lighthouse in the world. At 157 meters above sea level, you’ll need to be in good shape to make the hike.

The Acquario Mazatlán is located next to the Parque de la Ciudad and Parque Infantil. This aquarium has over 200 species of fish that include sharks, sea horses, and eels. One of the country’s best and biggest aquariums, visitors will find a lovely botanical garden with an aviary and a playground next door.

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