Puerto de Manzanillo
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In 1979, the City of Manzanillo became a popular tourist destination when the movie “10” made its beaches famous. After a few years of frantic business, the resort-town calmed down. Today, visitors can find many miles of empty pristine beach, and the city is a quaint fishing and shipping port. The area surrounding the Puerto de Manzanillo holds 40 miles of beautiful clean beaches, many rivers and lakes, breathtaking waterfalls, and an active volcano.

The Puerto de Manzanillo’s El Centro contains the shopping district, the town square, and many affordable hotels and restaurants. The new wonderful boardwalk (malecon) travels for a mile along the harbor with interlocking stone pavement, park benches, palm trees, sculptures, a basketball court, and a playground. The hotel zone of the Puerto de Manzanillo covers five miles of waterfront along Manzanillo Bay. It offers many hotels and a wide range of restaurants and taco stands.

Sports lovers will find lots to do in the Puerto de Manzanillo, including scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, ATV rentals, horseback riding, cycling, tennis, and golf. Several local companies offer tours of the city, the volcano, nearby plantations, deep-sea fishing, and sunset tours with Mariachi bands. The “Sailfish Capital of the World,” the Puerto de Manzanillo hosts two fishing tournaments each year where sports fishers go for the biggest sailfish, marlin, and dorado.

Two volcanoes are located within a couple-hours drive from the Puerto de Manzanillo. The bigger snow-capped Nevada de Colima has been dormant for some time now. But Volcan de Fuego has erupted recently. While it is not a danger to the Puerto de Manzanillo, Volcan de Fuego is an awesome place to visit.

A popular local touring group, Coco Loco Tours, offers more athletic tourists several excursions through the city and into the countryside to enjoy mysterious hidden lakes, cool refreshing waterfalls, and some of the areas villages.

Travelers who want to see the Puerto de Manzanillo by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises by searching for “Manzanillo” on the Cruise Compete website.

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