Puerto de Guaymas
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The Puerto de Guaymas is an interesting blend of old and new. With a colonial history and an eye to the future, most of the city’s attractions are related to the sea. Visitors will enjoy its beautiful beaches, scuba diving, and sports fishing. Ecotourism is also popular in the Puerto de Guaymas. The city also contains some enchanting colonial buildings.

The Puerto de Guaymas’ most popular attraction is its two-week long Carnaval, celebrating the 1888 victory over the French. Every year in February, the first week of Carnaval offers free cultural events every night with a variety of theater, mariachi, dance, and classical guitar concerts in the Civic Auditorium and Cultural Center. On the first day of the second week of Carnaval, participants symbolically burn “Bad Humor.” During the second week, there is a dance every night that lasts into the morning. On the last four days, a parade repeats with wonderful amateur-built floats and most of the town’s residents. Throughout the Carnaval, bands playing a variety of music styles perform on the streets or riding in trucks, and everyone throws confetti during the parades. The Puerto de Guaymas’ sister cities of Mesa, Arizona, and El Segundo, California, participate in the celebration.

Nature lovers will not be disappointed in the Puerto de Guaymas. During the early months of the year, whale watchers will have a treat as the whales move from cold waters to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their young.

The Puerto de Guaymas’ El Soldado estuary, a coastal lagoon, is a beautiful and biologically rich priority national wetland. Botanists and bird-watchers will find over 350 species of plants and animals there. The Nacapule Canyon, a tropical deciduous forest at the edge of the Sonoran Desert, is a perfect place to drive, hike, or ride horses.

About 70 kilometers north of the Puerto de Guaymas, La Pintada, one of the Cerro Prieto’s canyons, is a natural park containing over 2000 precious cave paintings where the indigenous people sought refuge before the Spanish onslaught. Experts think the drawings depict “magic hunting” or fertility or shamanistic rites from the early 18th Century.

The Isla Pedro Nolasco is an about 64 kilometer boat ride from the Puerto de Guaymas. This tiny island is home to sea lions, marine birds, and other marine life live together in a safe natural environment.

Travelers who want to see the Puerto de Guaymas and the beautiful State of Sonora by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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