Puerto de Ensenada
Cruising and Travel

Located near the US border with Southern California, the City of Ensenada is connected to the US by a four-lane toll road and a two-lane highway, making it attractive for long vacations and short trips. It is also a popular call for cruise ships coming from Los Angeles, and four cruise ships make weekly trips to the Puerto de Ensenada.

Located just one block from the Ventana al Mar is the Puerto de Ensenada’s La Primera (first) street is a tourist magnet with many shops and souvenir stands, hotels, restaurants and bars, and busy nightclubs. Expect a lot of tourists, noise, and traffic, especially at night.

The Puerto de Ensenada has been known to sports fishers for the half last century. Hundreds of anglers arrive to enjoy the relatively short trips for rich deep-sea catches. Within short distances, they come back with bass, barracuda, yellowtail, bonita, and cod. Longer trips yield albacore, dorado, and tuna.

Located north of the city, there are several popular surfing beaches in the Puerto de Ensenada: San Miguel, California Trailer Park, Stacks, and Tres Emes. Todos Santos Island west of the Puerto de Ensenada is famous with surfers around the world. Waves can reach more than 18 meters on the island. Within the city are several places popular with windsurfers.

Each year from December to March and April to May, gray whales migrate from Alaska to Baja California Sur’s lagoons. During the season, visitors can take whale-watching tours every day to watch these amazing creatures.

Just south of the Puerto de Ensenada is the second-biggest marine geyser in the world, called La Bufadora. This spout of sea water rises about once a minute when ocean waves and air mix in an underwater cave and then explode toward the sky with a thunderous roar. The spout can reach as high as 24 meters.

Travelers who want to visit the Puerto de Ensenada by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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