Port of Pohang
Cruising and Travel

Resting on the alluvial plain of the Hyeongsan River, the Port of Pohang is divided into two wards: Buk-gu in the north and Nam-gu in the south. Growing rapidly over the past few decades, the Port of Pohang has many cultural events and festivals that attract tourists from Korea, East Asia, and the world. The Homigot Sunrise Festival, for example, has had as many as 170 thousand people attending. Other things visitors will not want to miss include:

The Port of Pohang’s Jukdo Market is famous across Korea for its fresh seafood. This busy traditional market near the city center is also close to the port, and it has several raw-fish restaurants.

In the Port of Pohang’s northern district is the well-developed and popular Bukbu Beach. The beachfront hosts several restaurants, bars, and affordable lodgings called Yeogwan. Several more Sea of Japan beaches lie just north of this developed area.

Mount Naeyeon is about 80 kilometers southwest of the Port of Pohang. This 930-meter mountain at the south end of the Taebaek Mountains faces the East Sea and is home to the Bogyeongsa Temple. Several gorgeous waterfalls lead to the Gwaneum Cave.

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