Port of Gunsan (Kunsan)
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Gunsan City is one of three seaports on South Korea's West Coast. The Port of Gunsan is the gateway to the central west region of the country, and it plays a vital role in South Korea's trade relations with China.

The Port of Gunsan is a coastal city with a sub-tropical maritime climate. Temperatures range from an average high of 30 °C (86 °F) in July and August to an average low of -5 °C (23 °F) in January. Heaviest rainfall comes from June through August and into September.

Visitors to the Port of Gunsan will find many reminders of the Baekje Dynasty culture in and around the city. The Port of Gunsan's most popular tourist attractions are Gogunsangundo, Eunpa Park, and the Geum River.

The Gogunsangundo, or Gunsan Islands, are 16 inhabited and 47 uninhabited islands that include the islands of Shinsido, Munyeodo, Bangchukdo, and Maldo. Seonyudo is the center of the islands, and it has long been famous for its natural beauty. A passenger ship goes to Seonyudo Island several times each day.

Eunpa (meaning Silver Wave) Park was originally a reservoir used by local farmers in the Port of Gunsan area, but it was designated a National Tourist Place in 1985. In the spring, a breathtaking one-kilometer long cherry blossom "tunnel" forms at the entrance. During the summer, wind surfers and boaters play. In the fall, people walk the picturesque promenade and pick chestnuts. The park contains the 370-meter long Mulbit (Water and Light) Bridge, and a music fountain operates eight times each day. The Eunpa Park is one of South Korea's 100 Big Noted Tourist spots.

The reed forests at the banks of the mouth of the Geum River (that is the heart of the Port of Gunsan) support the biggest migratory bird colony in Korea. Bird lovers will see many uncommon migratory birds there, including Baikal teals, wild ducks, mallards, geese, herring gulls, and many other species that roost here between October and March. A 360 ° observatory center helps visitors get wonderful views without disturbing the wildlife, and it is the only Bird Watching Gallery in South Korea where migratory birds can be observed close-up.

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